Choosing A French Or American Roulette Roulette

Choosing A French Or American Roulette Roulette

The most accredited theory regarding the birth of roulette sees Blaise Pascal, philosopher and mathematician of the 1600s, as its inventor. A globetrotting friend gave him a Chinese wheel of fortune that Pascal placed horizontally and began to study minutely to create a game very similar to modern roulette. In the 19th century, roulette was famous in Paris, at the time the wheel included a black zero and a red double zero, like American roulette, this until the owner of a casino decided to remove the double zero and color the box green. zero. Hence the turning point and success.

Beyond this historical parenthesis it must be understood that by removing the double zero that casino lowered its profit margin favoring the players. In the American roulette the house edge is 5.26%, in the French one it is half, so the advice is to always choose the European version even in the case of an online version.

French Roulette - How to Play French Roulette

American Roulette Wheel - How to Play American Roulette

Rng / Rtp

With the physical wheel of a casino there would always be a croupier throwing the ball, and in this profession one becomes easily adept at placing the ball in a specific portion of the wheel. This is not to affirm the bad faith of the dealers, but that in the analog game the variant of the shot is not completely random. It is different for online where everything is governed by the RNG, Random Number Generator, a sort of algorithm capable of regulating online slots, poker tables, the different casino games. This system is run by state monopolies and is as indecipherable as it is not hackable.

The RTP indicator, Return To Player, is instead the percentage of victory that ensures a certain game, a data that can be easily found on the websites of the main online gambling operators. The RTPs of online casinos sports betting thailand always exceed 90%, which means that out of 100 euros of wagers the casino keeps 10 and returns 90 euros in the form of winnings. But the winnings are distributed randomly, playing 100 euros does not necessarily mean having to review 90, just as playing live casino thailand just one euro does not mean having no chance. The rule is: the higher the RTP percentage the more the slot pays.

The Trusted Online Casino

If we decide to focus on digital gaming then we need an online gaming operator and, in this regard, we have several options to choose from. In general, it is advisable to range only from the major companies, British such as William Hill or local ones such as Snai. These operators have several years of experience on the gaming market, snai for example was founded as far back as 1990 and has changed its skin many times over the years and, above all, of the game revolutions together with those of technology.

True, the hit rate of a number for each roll is always 1 in 37, in the case of French roulette, but keeping track of the number sequences still serves to give us an indication of how the game is moving and therefore also of how the possibilities move: if for example the number 3 has just come out, the probabilities that it will come out again in the next round are clearly higher.

Keep in mind the “en prison” rule: some French tables provide that in the case of a simple bet if the ball lands on zero, the bet is returned or frozen for the next round, which is not the case in 38-tile American roulette where in case of zero or double zero the bet is lost.

Never bet on 00, 0, 1, 2, 3: For these 5 numbers the house edge rises to 7.89%. Since the bets that pay less tend to be better not to bet.

In general, it would be better to aim for doubles and therefore bets on the sides of the table, i.e. bets on color (red, black), even and odd or a combination of the two. These are bets that pay little but are much easier to win.

Martingale System

This system provides that in the event of a defeat double points are paid. Let’s say we bet 5 euros on red, in case of black it would be better to re-bet 10 euros on red, in case of victory we also recover the money of the previous lost bets.

Then there is the Anti Martingale which provides, instead, the doubling of the stakes in the event of a player’s victory.